About Us

Harry Brotchie, President 

Mr. Brotchie has extensive experience in the management of public and resort golf courses.

A Master Professional, Mr. Brotchie has served a two year term as President of the PGA of Canada, is currently the President of the National Golf Course Owners Association of Canada (NGCOA), served two terms as Honorary Vice-President of the PGA of America and been elected to membership in the British PGA, Mr. Brotchie is well respected at both the National and International levels in the golf industry.

In addition to Mr. Brotchie is a team of experienced and award winning PGA of Canada and CGSA professionals responsible for the day to day operations of golf facilities and the playing experience of facility guests.

Lakeland Golf Management is committed to the growth of the game and conducts extensive and innovative instruction programs at its facilities with a focus on junior development.